Mountain Tech Commercial Properties
Arial Site Map
World class architecture, great parking, beautiful landscaping, a diverse food court, and close access to the town will make your new home of business feel like a University-Class Campus. You will love running your business in our space and your customers will love visiting you.

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Mountain Tech is a sprawling Commercial Property Campus with an additional 40 acres (Mountain Tech South) in development:

Easy Access to Highway:
  • All Buildings are within 1000 yards from exit 275 on Interstate-15

  • Mountain Tech South will be the only 40 acre Commercial Property in Lindon that is 150 yards from the interstate

  • Some buildings are close enough for visible signage (1-15 crown signage, 129,000 ADT )

Excellent Parking:
  • All buildings boast 8 parking stalls per 1000 RSF

Flexible and Customizable Floor Plans:
  • Our buildings are built to Factory Mutual Specifications and suitable for:

  • Office, Retail Warehouse, Distribution, Production, Light Manufacturing, Flex

  • All designs in Mountain Tech South are tentative and can be customized to meet any business need

Live close, and great local amenities:
  • If you live in Lindon, Pleasant Grove, or American Fork at most it would be a 15 minute commute not accounting for traffic

  • Lindon and Pleasant Grove have great access to local shops and restaurants

  • For a quick meal there is a food courts on the Mountain Tech III property

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